English Teaching Jobs in China

English teaching jobs in China provides one-stop service at no cost to you, including the school selection, working visa preparation, pick up at the airport, orientation upon arrival, and helping you with daily life difficulties. Unlike other agencies, we ALWAYS pay for the working visa.

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English Teaching Jobs in China Provide All Facilities For Better Work and life Environment

Before your arrival, you may think about a lot of things such as your new spot or accommodation! Eventually, you don’t need to worry about that since we will provide you with your private apartment description, location and visual references for your convenience like photos and videos. Because your life style matters to us, we tale care of tiny details to get you what will exceed your expectations. English Teaching Jobs in China is looking forward to have you as a part of our big family…

Private Apartment
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English Teaching Jobs in China
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A wonderful private home away from home is waiting for you...

English Teaching Jobs in China

work always real fun with English Teaching Jobs in China

Fun at work is a key element of employee happiness, a sense of fun helps people to have a more positive mind-set, enjoy higher levels of wellbeing and better mental health. We trust that you will create “happiness-boosting environment” with your work colleagues. We strongly believe that a fun office atmosphere promotes a better culture of learning and research finds. English Teaching Jobs in China is looking forward to have you as a part of our big family…


English Teaching Jobs in China

We offers a place that helps growth of your work, a space to make your greatest impact, and a place with all facilities for better work and life environment. What are you waiting for? English Teaching Jobs in China are waiting for you to pick up yours! 


English Teaching Jobs in China have listed all the questions that might come to your mind with their detailed answers for your convenience

English Teaching Jobs in China make it easier than you may think!

1) Email your resume and introduction video to Contact@cnesljobs.com or chat with us directly through WhatsApp +8615537161901 or through Wechat App just add ID: moe_naoui 

2) Our staff will contact you for a video interview

3) Our staff will make an introduction video (one minute) and a demonstration class video (5 minutes) for you or you can make the videos and send to us. We will explain what each video should contain.

4) We will send you a contract with suggested salary amount and benefits, meanwhile promoting your videos to the schools

5) We will select 2-3 schools and set up the chats between you and the schools. During the chats, you can ask any questions you may have. So you can get all the details to help you choose the school you like the most. 

6) After the school is chosen, we will sign the contract with you and start to do your working visa. You need to provide a copy of your passport, Bachelor’s degree and non-criminal record. 

7) After one month we will get you the working permit for you to apply for a Z visa and then you will fly to China!!!

English Teaching Jobs in China hire throughout the year! You can decide when to come. We work with over 300 educational institutions from training center, kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools to universities all over China.  All of them hire throughout the year. You can plan on starting your new career in China about one month after the date you apply. This is the amount of time needed to obtain the all-important working visa for you. 

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

1) You must be at least 20 years of age

2) Hold a Bachelor’s degree majoring English language.

3) Have no criminal record

4) Be healthy, outgoing, and comfortable working with children or adults in a classroom setting

5) Holding a TEFL or TESOL certificate

5) Commit to working for at least six months

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

A Bachelor’s degree is normally a basic requirement. It doesn’t matter what your major is. However, in some cases, those with teaching experience and excellent native English language proficiency from a native English speaking country can be placed as well. If you already have teaching experience and TESOL/TEFL, it definitely helps you to have more bargaining power on the salary. But those are not mandatory. We welcome any beginner teachers and we will give you comprehensive training, in order to help you to gain experience and when you finish the contract we will give you a FREE TESOL Certificate. 

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

No. You will not need to use Chinese in the classroom. When you complete our training and orientation it will become clear. Most cities in China have English road signs and English language metro stations signs. Most restaurants have English translations and have pictures. Our bilingual assistants will help you learn some basic survival Chinese when you arrive, such as your address for taxis to make things a bit easier. In many cities, you can even order food using apps in English.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

You basically have three options for the type of school and the age of the students. One option is working with students 1-4 years of age at a bilingual early childhood center. The second option is working with 3-6 years old students in a bilingual kindergarten. The third option is working with 4-12 years old students at an English training school. There are also a few opportunities to teach ESL at a middle or high school or at a university.

Yes, you can tell us your preference about the age of the students, the type of school and the city you prefer. We will select the best match for you.

The early childhood center schedule is Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm with 2 hours break in between. 

The kindergarten schedule is Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm with a  2 hours break in between. 

The English training school schedule is Wednesday to Sunday. Wednesday to Friday is from 3 pm to 8 pm. Saturday and Sunday are from 9 am to 6 pm. 

All the schools involve teaching hours of not more than 25 hours per week. Other time is allocated for office hours in which you can prepare your lesson plans and mark student work.

We have school sites from all the major cities for you to choose such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, and many other cities.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

The salary is usually 10000-20000 Yuan per month depending on teachers’ qualifications. What we offer is very competitive. It will afford a VERY strong buying power in China. Earning more than double the national average wage, you will be able to enjoy everything in China. 

Other benefits include free accommodation, airfare reimbursement, free TESOL Certificate training and free Chinese classes.

We provide accident insurance, not health insurance. The Chinese insurance system is quite different. In China, medicine, doctor visits, and hospital visits are inexpensive. Our assistants can help arrange to take you to the pharmacy, doctor’s office or hospital.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

If you are placed in Beijing or Shanghai, our apartments are located in thriving parts of the city, near the subway, about 30 mins from the school. They are usually two-bedroom apartments that are shared between two teachers. If you are placed outside of Beijing or ShangHai, the apartments are single ones, about 10 minutes from the school by bus. All the apartments are fully furnished with all western amenities, such as WIFI, western bathrooms, western kitchen, TV, air-conditioning, and heating. Our goal is for our teachers to feel completely comfortable in their residence. You can find pictures of some of the apartments in our ESL job opportunities’ section.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

When you arrive in China, we will pick you up at the airport and put you in a hotel or a temporary apartment. The second day we will take you to our office to start the orientation and training process. The training may last for one week. During this period, we will arrange the bank card, SIM card for you and help you to buy necessaries things in order to live in China. After the training, if you are placed in Beijing, we will move you to the long term apartment near the school, if you are placed outside of Beijing, we will purchase you the train ticket goes to the local city. The school principal will pick u up at the train station and arrange for you a long term apartment near the school. The principal will give you an orientation to the school and you will have the chance to meet the school staff members and the students. You will be able to begin teaching right away. 

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

Our training is one on one and VERY comprehensive. You will observe other teachers in their classrooms. Over the years, we have developed a process for ensuring that teachers feel confident on their first official day of teaching. Training is typically one week in duration. We also continue to mentor you throughout your work in China. You will have assigned to you a coordinator and a bilingual assistant to respond to your questions and needs that may arise. You will receive the official TESOL Certificate after you complete the contract period.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

All the Chinese legal holidays are paid. There are in total about 20 days per year, such as New Year Holiday, Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Holiday, National Holiday. The days of the holidays depend on the Chinese lunar calendar mostly, so every year the dates are slightly different. The schools usually notice the teachers one month in advance. 

Most of our schools don’t have summer and winter holidays. However, some kindergartens may have ten days off during the wintertime after the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival will be paid; other days are usually not paid. 

Yes, you may ask for days off other than the legal holidays, giving enough notice to the school. However, the personal leaves are not paid since we will have to arrange a substitute teacher to cover your classes.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

After you are placed in the school, we will help you to get a Chinese bank account with ICBC bank, which is the biggest bank if China. You will get your salary via direct deposit. Drawing out the money from ATM is quite easy and convenient. 

You can wire money home through the bank, Western Union or MoneyGram. We can certainly help you do this. Make sure you have set up online access to your bank account at home.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

Each week you can have two hours of free Chinese classes from our Chinese teachers through Skype according to your schedule. After you start to work, you will have many opportunities to do a language exchange with your Chinese assistant and, of course, other Chinese friends you will make. After you arrive in China learning while practicing daily life will make you more fluent in Chinese. 

In China, we have fast speed trains, which makes traveling between cities very easy. You can travel all around China during your breaks. We can also give you lots of suggestions about traveling to many historic and breath-taking cultural sites. 

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

China is a fantastic, welcoming and safe place to live and work in. But beware of scam agencies that bring you to China with the wrong visa. You can be deported in such a case. We have an exemplary 14-year history of providing, free of charge, the visa you need to live and work in all of China. You will find that China can be warm and inviting. There are also amazing cultural sites to visit and enjoy. CN ESL JOBS can guarantee your safe passage and life in China.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

The normal contract period is one year. But in some cases, we are flexible about the contract period. The minimum is six months. Any period between six months to one year is also welcome. After one year you are welcome to extend the contractor. For the second year we will also raise your salary.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

The subway system in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and some other major cities is very convenient and easy to reach. In other cities where there is no subway system, you can easily go everywhere by public buses. Uber and local taxis are very popular in China. You can also use the public bikes to get around the city and many sites in an easy way. Usually, your apartment is just 15 minutes from the school by bus or walking. It is easy for you to travel around the city.
Chinese food is delicious and inexpensive. There are many Chinese restaurants and western restaurants all over the cities.
In Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities, there are also lots of western supermarkets, where you can easily buy western food to cook by yourself.
Since food, clothing and most items are inexpensive, our ESL teachers’ monthly expenses are usually around 3000 Yuan per month. The salary is more than enough to enjoy a healthy, fun lifestyle and recreation time and to even save money.

English Teaching Jobs in China offers you details below:

In China, Wechat is the most popular instant communication app. You will find it very easy to use. It combines the function of Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, and Email. You can download wechat to communicate with Chinese and anyone using it while you are in China. You can also have people from your home country download it and you can use it to call and video chat for free. You can also use Skype or Whatsapp or buy the IP card to call internationally. It’s best to buy a VPN if you want to use Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google or youtube.