CHINA ESL JOBS provides one-stop service at no cost to you, including the school selection, working visa preparation, pick up at the airport, orientation upon arrival, and helping you with daily life difficulties. Unlike other agencies, we ALWAYS pay for the working visa.

CHINA ESL JOBS Offers A Place That Helps Growth of Your Work

CHINA ESL JOBS arranges for the prospective teachers to come with a legal Z visa (working visa). We will expedite and take care of all the authentication documents, making the whole process quite easy. We are usually able to complete the entire process in one month.

FREE Service

We guide you throughout the process of becoming a proficient ESL teacher in China...

Online Interview

We assist you find the school of your choice through arranging online interviews instantly...

High Salary

We will take a good care of you through providing high salary and taking care of your life needs...

Chinese culture

We arrange weekly activities that will get you to know the Chinese culture and have a lot of fun...

Teachers Community

You will meet up with over 150 teachers working with us and hear their success stories...

Best ESL Jobs in China

China ESL Jobs offers A Space to make your
greatest impact.

CHINA ESL JOBS is collaborating with the best educational institutions throughout China from kindergartens, training centers, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

We Provides All Facilities For Better Work and life Environment

Before your arrival, you may think about a lot of things such as your new spot or accommodation! Eventually, you don’t need to worry about that since we will provide you with your private apartment description, location and visual references for your convenience like photos and videos. Because your life style matters to us, we tale care of tiny details to get you what will exceed your expectations…

Private Apartment
Near your school
Anything You Need

A wonderful private home away from home is waiting for you...

English Teaching Jobs in China

work always real fun

Fun at work is a key element of employee happiness, a sense of fun helps people to have a more positive mind-set, enjoy higher levels of wellbeing and better mental health. We trust that you will create “happiness-boosting environment” with your work colleagues. We strongly believe that a fun office atmosphere promotes a better culture of learning and research finds.

Teach English in china
Liam Belford - UK English Teacher - Guanzhou

It was a new challenge to go and work as an English teacher in China. Thanks to China ESL Jobs! They are assisting me whenever i need help. Teaching English in China is really fun!

Teach English in china
Safaa Douh - Morocco English Teacher - Zhengzhou

A friend of mine recommended China ESL Jobs. After a month, I moved to teach English in China. I am happy here 🙂 the life style is amazing 🙂 Chinese people are super friendly

Teach English in China
Rebecca Robin - USA English Teacher - Beijing

The last thing I would thought about was to move and settle in China. Teaching English in China was and still an amazing experience full of excitement, joy and having many friends 🙂

Teach English in China
Ricardo Morrera - Colombia English Teacher - Shanghai

Teaching English in China was at first an Idea only. However, this idea became reality when I contact China ESL Jobs 🙂 Mr. James motivated me to go. China is great!

    Meet China ESL Jobs Management Team

    It takes a big heart to help shaping minds

    Make sure that you are always smiling whenever meeting him. He believes in positivity and work appreciation 




    Teaching is a profession that creates all professions.

    Teach English in China

    We offers a place that helps growth of your work, a space to make your greatest impact, and a place with all facilities for better work and life environment. What are you waiting for? Teach English in China